Treyan Machinery


Treyan Machinery is the leading manufacturer of commercial diecutting presses throughout the world. We offer presses from 10 ton swing arm clicker presses to 75 ton CNC traveling head presses.  We specialize in custom application machines that are built to our customer’s specifications.  Treyan is based in South Korea and has distributors all around the world that warehouse and service our machines.  Each office carries a full inventory of parts and is available to help with any need. Contact us to find the dealer nearest you.

A factory in China has copied several of our press designs and are selling them under the Treyan name. We have been contacted by several customers that thought they bought a Treyan Press from china only to lose their money when the press stopped working. We do not manufacture presses outside of South Korea. We do not offer support or parts for machines that are not manufactured by our company. If you have any questions about our machines, please contact us HERE



DIECUTTING are commonly used in manufacturing for cutting textile, leather, plastics, paper and other materials by use of a steel rule die. Treyan offers a wide range of professional clicker presses as well as parts service and support for all their presses. Diecutting Clicker Presses or Swing Arm Clicker Presses range from 10 ton to 50 ton. Our traveling head presses can be ordered with a programmable cnc head for automated use.